About us

The Grasseuropa team have accumulated more than 20 years of experience producing and installing warm season grasses throughout the Mediterranean region. Here in Spain it has supplied or installed grasses in over 44 golf courses, 11 football pitches, 6 bowling clubs, and countless gardens and landscaping projects. Grasseuropa has exported and installed grasses in France, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Portugal and Tunisia.


Grasseuropa was formed in the year 2000 from the amalgamation of Victoria Agricola SA (founded in 1986) and Southern Turf Nurseries SL (founded in 1999) by owner Mr. David Cooper. This company is recognised as the first in Europe dedicated to producing quality grasses for the Mediterranean area. From its beginnings Grasseuropa joined the then newly formed ITGAP program from the Georgia Seed Development Commission and were the first licensed producers of the new Tifeagle and Tifsport varieties in Europe. The year 2001 saw more changes to further improye the genetic purity of its grasses with the importation offoundation stock ofTifway 419 from the Uniyersity of Georgia. In 2009 Grasseuropa started producing Zeon Zoysia under licence from “Bladerunner farms”, a new fine bladed Zoysia achieying tremendous success in southern USA. 2010 also saw it moye towards helping the enyironment by introducing minimal water use ornamental grasses, “Beemats” floating island water treatment systems, and “Aguazorb a wetting agent which reduces water consumption. Today most of its grass production emanates from the farm in Anteguera where the new grass yarieties haye been introduced oyer the last few years. The original farm in Cartama produces the new range of ornamental plants, “Beem ats”water treatm ent system 5. The Cartama farm also houses its offices and distribution center. the demo “Tifeagle”hermudagrass golf green. the Beemats lwater treatment system and its grass tennis court and sport fields.


Grasseuropa is continually expanding its portfolio with particular emphasis on environmentally friendly products to help improye the carbon footprint. It also remains at the forefront in new grass yariety deyelopment and introduces the latest grasses once they haye completed com prehensiye testing in the USA. Grasseuropa working with you and with the environment.